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Browsing through Ottawa Wedding Packages can be overwhelming, so I’m here to make it a little easier.

Between scouting a great location, picking the perfect date, finding vendors, and pulling it all together —  planning a wedding can be a lot of hard work. We did some digging and research for you (you’re welcome). Here’s what we found when comparing wedding photography package prices in Ottawa:

Anyone can go into a department store and purchase a camera and call themselves a photographer, but what are you really getting for that $500 fee you were quoted for 12 hours of coverage? The answer is, not much. We saw terribly-lit photos, out of focus shots, poor composition and no style behind the low-quality packages. In our opinion, these low-cost options don’t really contribute to our analysis of the average price of wedding photography packages because they aren’t even on the same level as the quality Ottawa Wedding Photographers that offer experienced, quality photography services.

So, let’s talk about the top twenty wedding photographers in Ottawa, Kathi Robertson Weddings included (of course). On average, these seasoned pros charge about $3000 for a 12-hour coverage day, not including video or destination services. Junior Photographers are charging in the $1200 range for the same coverage. We monitor local Ottawa wedding photography package prices in order to offer our clients competitive pricing combined with exceptional photography. Our full-day packages start at $2100.

The wide range in pricing is based on a few factors including coverage time, number of photographers, number of products and prints included. Branding and marketing also play a role in the pricing we saw.

At Kathi Roberston Weddings, what really sets us apart from the local competition isn’t just the extensive fashion photography experience and unique shooting perspective, but also the fact that with our wedding photography packages include the amount of photos that we see fit, not a set limit. We include every photo that we believe speaks to your day and your vision. We process and correct a large number of photos that will be part of your gallery and we can include the rest in your delivery! All are available for you to use, share and print as you wish. How great is that?

Engagement sessions are also extra and can generally run you between $500 – 1000, from local Ottawa photographers. Except, when you find an awesome Fall Promo, as we have on right now, which offers you a complimentary engagement shoot with all wedding photography packages booked by October 31st (2018) for remaining 2018/2019 dates.

What a deal!

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When you add up all the costs, it’s no surprise that WeddingBells found the average Canadian wedding to cost over $26K in 2017. When it comes to capturing your day, wedding photography packages are not the place to cut costs! If you’re looking for timeless and natural wedding photography that will ignite memories for generations – hire a pro!

When comparing wedding photography packages in Ottawa, it’s important to remember that the best deal isn’t always what’s best for your big day. Consider experience, photography style and what’s included in the pricing. You can learn more about my pricing and packages on our FAQ page or send me an email, I’d love to hear from you!

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